Swati Bhagawandas Rathi

Computer Science Engineer l YouTuber

I am a computer science engineer and constantly working in the field of digital education and IT industries (specially in the field of service based industries). Also having strong knowledge about computer engineering.  My aim is to work in the field of IT industries and utilize my skills and energy in development. Also I am the C0-founder of Engineering Notes platform who helps students to connect with industrial skills and culture.


Computer Science Engineering

Mauli College of Engineering, Shegaon




Municipal Jr. College, Malkapur




MSM, Malkapur



My Skill Sets

SQL Server
Digital Marketing
Graphics Designing
Windows, Linux
Microsoft Office

Achievements & Experience

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Co-Founder of Bootstrap Startup

Co-Founder of a bootstrap startup Engineering Notes. Engineering Notes is platform available on various social media platform which helps students to bridge gap between college and corporate.

Working as a Software Developer Associate

I am working in vertusa an IT company. My role is to work as a software developer associate. Working since July 2021.

2 Month + Experience

Worked for prolisma.com website and gain experience of whole working process of online supply chain industry. Worked as a digital marketing assistant and website developer.

Projects & Seminars


Automatic Accident Detection System

Successfully completed a final year project on "Automatic Accident Detection System" in MGICOET. In which we design a prototype of a system so that if accident occurs then the relative of a car owner will receive call and messege with GPS location .

Seminar on Darknet

In this seminar I had explained the dark web. The dark web is the hidden collective of internet sites only accessible by a specialized web browser. It is used for keeping internet activity anonymous and private, which can be helpful in both legal and illegal applications.

Database Connectivity

This project I completed and presented in management system college college event. In this project I used software like XAMPP, WAMP, MAMP for connectivity. It was an great experience to make a project in a DBMS field.

Website Development

Have designed 5+ WordPress websites. Also work on SSL certificates, sitemaps, search engine optimization and google Adsesnse.

Website Development with HTML Language

I have started my blogging journey in 2019 with blogger. Till today I have completed 10+ blogger websites and also one was approved by google Adsense.

Project & Internship on Web Designing

I have successfully completed 2 month of internship and a project in web development. This internship and project I did in Khana Kazan academy, Amravati.